Wolf and the Wise Lion

A Tale of Justice and Retribution

In a peaceful village, there lived an old lady who took great pride in her flock of sheep. She tended to them with unwavering devotion, ensuring they were well-fed and cared for. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, and soon, her sheep became renowned for their exceptional health and plumpness.

News of the old lady’s thriving flock reached the ears of a wicked wolf, who became consumed by the desire to feast upon the sheep. Night after night, he crept silently to the old dame’s cottage, snatching away one sheep at a time. Despite the poor woman’s best efforts to protect her beloved animals, she found herself helpless against the wolf’s relentless attacks.

The Last Remaining Sheep

As time passed, the once-bountiful flock dwindled until only a single sheep remained. The old lady’s heart was heavy with sorrow, knowing that even this last sheep was likely to be taken from her, despite her tireless efforts to keep it safe. As she sat, lost in her grief, a majestic lion arrived in the village.

The lion, noticing the old lady’s distress, inquired about the cause of her sadness. With tears in her eyes, she recounted the tale of the wicked wolf and the loss of her cherished flock. Moved by her plight, the lion vowed to bring the wolf to justice and put an end to his reign of terror. He devised a plan to take the place of the remaining sheep, while the old lady hid the animal in a safe location.

The Wolf and the Fox

As the wolf made his way to the cottage, intent on claiming his next victim, he encountered a fox. The fox, initially wary of the wolf, prepared to flee, but the wolf persuaded him to join in the hunt, promising a share of the spoils. The fox, enticed by the prospect of an easy meal, agreed, and the two set off together.

Upon reaching the cottage, the wolf and the fox made their way to the sheep’s usual resting place. The wolf, driven by hunger and anticipation, lunged forward, while the fox hung back, waiting for the right moment to join in. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of lightning illuminated the scene, revealing to the fox the true nature of the wolf’s target—not a helpless sheep, but a powerful lion.

The Fox’s Warning

The fox, realizing the grave mistake they had made, turned tail and fled, shouting a warning to the wolf as he ran: “Look at his face! Look at his face!” In the momentary brightness, the wolf caught a glimpse of his intended prey and understood the magnitude of his error. He had unwittingly attacked a lion, a creature far mightier than any sheep.

The wolf, trembling with fear, began to offer humble apologies, pleading for mercy and understanding. However, the lion, unmoved by the wolf’s explanations, refused to listen. He had come to deliver justice, and he would not be swayed by empty words. With a swift and decisive strike, the lion put an end to the wolf’s wicked ways, ensuring that he would never again terrorize the innocent.

The tale of the cunning wolf and the wise lion serves as a powerful reminder that those who prey upon the weak and defenseless will ultimately face the consequences of their actions. The old lady’s unwavering love for her flock and the lion’s commitment to justice triumphed over the wolf’s malevolence, restoring peace and security to the village. The story teaches us that even in the darkest of times, hope and righteousness can prevail, and that those who stand up against evil will always find allies in their fight for justice.

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