The Tortoise's Shell

A Tale of Pride and Consequence

Many centuries ago, the chief Mauri, the supreme god, decided to hold a magnificent yam festival. He sent his messengers to invite all the chiefs and people to the gathering, which was to take place on Fida, the sacred day of Friday. On the morning of the festival, Mauri dispatched his servants to the nearby towns and villages to procure goats, sheep, and cows for the grand feast.

Among the servants was Klo, the tortoise, a tall and handsome fellow known for his strength and speed. Mauri entrusted Klo with the task of buying palm wine from the palm fields of Koklovi, the chicken. Despite the considerable distance between Mauri’s palace and Koklovi’s fields, Klo’s powerful travelling abilities allowed him to reach his destination swiftly.

The Challenge

Upon arriving at Koklovi’s palm fields, Klo found the chicken enjoying his breakfast. After exchanging greetings, Klo informed Koklovi of his mission to purchase palm wine for Mauri, the ruler of the world. Koklovi, unimpressed by Mauri’s title, declared that his wine could not be bought with money. Instead, he challenged Klo to a fight, with the winner claiming the wine and the palm trees.

Klo, a formidable fighter, eagerly accepted Koklovi’s challenge. The two engaged in a fierce battle that lasted for hours, their strength evenly matched. Eventually, Klo emerged victorious, overpowering Koklovi and securely binding him before departing.

The Foolish Decision

Klo filled his great pot with palm wine, but soon realized that there was more wine than the pot could hold. In a moment of foolishness, he drank the remaining wine, leaving him feeling sleepy and tired. Undeterred, Klo piled the palm trees on his back and set out for Mauri’s palace, his heavy load and the wine’s effects slowing his progress.

As Klo trudged towards the palace, a relentless rain began to fall, turning the ground slippery and treacherous. By the time he finally reached the palace gates, they were firmly shut and locked. Mauri, assuming everyone had already arrived, had commenced the festivities, with the joyous noise of singing and dancing drowning out Klo’s knocks at the gate.

The Tragic End

For nearly two months, the rain continued unabated, forcing the revelers to remain within the palace walls. Outside, Klo lay lifeless beneath the weight of his burden, the palm trees crushing him as he succumbed to exhaustion and the elements.

When the rain finally ceased and the palace gates were thrown open, the people were astonished to find a great mound blocking the entrance. As they began to shovel away the debris, they uncovered Klo’s body at the bottom of the pile, his earthenware pot and the dust fused together to form a hard shell on his back.

The Tortoise’s Fate

Klo was carried into the palace, where the use of potent medicines brought him back to life. However, the ordeal had left an indelible mark on his body and spirit. From that day forward, Klo was unable to stand upright, forever destined to crawl on the ground, his back forever burdened by the weight of his shell.

The tale of the tortoise’s shell serves as a cautionary reminder of the consequences of pride and foolishness. Klo’s strength and speed were no match for the challenges he faced, and his reckless decisions led to his downfall. The tortoise’s fate stands as a testament to the importance of humility, wisdom, and the acceptance of one’s limitations in the face of adversity.

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