What Does a White Horse Symbolize

What Does a White Horse Symbolize? (Religious, Dream, Bible)

What Does a White Horse Symbolize? In the history of human culture white horses have long held a mystique. These horses are part of several mythologies. Some of the powerful warriors and gods in the past history usually ride on white horses, includes those who have returned to save humanity from an apocalypse.

In England, over 3000-year-old Uffington White Horse is a hill figure, however, this White Horse mythology goes even further back. In most cases, grey horses are symbolized same as the white horses. 

In our culture, horse symbols are very prevalent. The Bible refers to them, the Prehistoric cave painting shows horses, and they also come in your dream. We think that it is really important to understand what does the white horses symbolize, so we have done some research work for the same.

What does a white horse symbolize? White horse symbolizes courage, wisdom, power, and freedom. The horse is sometimes described as a symbol of Liberty in dreams but it can have a gloomier meaning. In the Bible books of revelations, a pale horse represents famine and a white horse symbolizes death in some Christian artwork.

Typically, people know white horses symbolize power and freedom but some are aware of all other passions they signify?  Their spirituality meaning in Bible, dreams, or art incorporates a wider scope, essentially based on their color. So let us dive into deep to understand what does a white horse symbolizes?

What Does a White Horse Symbolize Spiritually?

Across the world white horses are used as a symbol for a very long time. Their likeness has different meanings depending upon their poster color and depiction as captive or wild.

As wild horses symbolize adventure and freedom; the company Ford captured the same feeling in the People’s hearts and minds when they have named the popular car “Mustang”.   

Typically horses with white coats represent courage and power.  According to the religious icons, it is said that riding white horse signals the courage to spread the world or the beginning of a new age. 

Generally, horses embody courage, personal drive, and power that motivate individuals to go forward through the obstacles in life.  For thousands of years, horses are used to transport humans from one destination to another and their spirit remains to exhibit unchartered territories.

So, let us move from general uses to some specific ones.

European Symbolism for White Horses

What does a white horse mean? The slavics believe that the white horses help humans to have an idea of what the future would bring. Priests would look for a white horse movement between a series of fences, by looking at which leg would move first through each fence will help them to divine future events.

The ancient Hungarian would sacrifice The White Horse to their god as they are the sign of wealth. Sometimes these horses are sent in exchange for debts or payment and can help in bringing a better harvest.

The Greeks symbolize white horses with Pegasus who is sired by Poseidon in the role of being horse god. Medusa is the mother of pegasus. This myth goes, the Zeus transforms pegasus into stars to be always remembered in the sky.

In Scottish mythology, White Horse is symbolized as a water demon. The creature will be found in the lochs and pools around the country and has the capability to shapeshift Into the Other types.

In Celtic mythology, The White Horse is symbolized with Rhiannon; associated with a horse goddess Epona, linked with fertility. Many people symbolize white horses to help the family who desires to have more children.

Religious Symbolism for White Horses

What does the white horse represent in revelation? In Christianity, Revelation 19 illustrates a white horse. “Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness, he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself.”

Christianity also represents the first horsemen of the apocalypse riding a horse with the white coat, given the responsibility of ” conquering and to conquer”. Saint George and Saint James are directly linked with white horses.

In Buddhism, Kanthaka is a white horse that represents loyal servant of Gautam Buddha. Kanthaka is a major part before the renunciation, which describes the cause of death of White Horse from a broken heart.

In Hinduism, White Horses are seen several times. One of the most precious things that have come across from the battle between the Divas and demon is the churning ocean was a seven heads white horse, seldom ridden by Indra. Surya rides a chariot that is pulled by a horse with seven heads. In the tenth incarnation of Vishnu, Kalki also appears to ride on the white horse.

In Judaism, white horses are included with other colors horses to symbolize the soul of heaven. Zechariah represents these horses as being teams that go patrol and forth the world, giving their best to keep things calm.

According to Islam, a creature named Al-Buraq is usually described as “steed”, “mount”, or “beast”. The artwork shows that this white horse having the face of a human this description is not written in the religion. It is said that is Al-Buraq supports Abraham when he left to visit Ishmael and Hagar. Al-Buraq is only seen in a few hadith literatures.

Far Eastern Symbolism for White Horses

What does a white horse represent in Eastern Symbolism?

In Korea, a white horse is a part of the kingdom of Shila story. People gather to sing prayers for the king and the White Horse rises from a spot of lightning. Then the horse goes to shining egg before going back into heaven. The egg opens and a boy, emerged, Park Hyeokgeose. The boy grows up and united the warring States.

 In Vietnam, White Horse symbolizes the patron saint of Hanoi. White horse temple or bach Ma Temple is particularly devoted to being the spirit of this creature. The king in the 11th century said that he had a fantasy of a white horse which symbolizes a river spirit. It guided him to the place where he was to make his citadel.

In the Philippines, the white horse symbolizes the city of Pangantucan. It has been said that a white horse helps to protect the tribe from a massacre as the horse uprooted the bamboo unexpectedly alerted the people that some enemy is approaching them.

What does a white horse mean in a dream?

What Does a White Horse Symbolize in dream

What does a white horse mean in a dream? Many people see the white horses in their dream.  When people saw a white horse in the dream it is a sign of being spiritually aware. It can symbolize purity and innocence, represent prosperity, or even symbol a good future.

If you see a horse being chased in your dream then it is a sign of relationship issues. The dreamer might feel as if they are incapable or unworthy of being a supportive companion with an informal relationship. This is reinforced if the white horse in the dream is the wild horse.

If the white horse is dead in your dreams and it symbolizes the end of the friendship. It can also be a sign of upcoming changes in your life. Seldom, this kind of Dream can be described as a means to inspire the dreamer to move on to another stage in their life like a new career.

If you see White Horse being pulled by an individual in your dream then this symbolizes the feeling of control and repression. It is a wish for the inner soul of the person to break free of the everyday pressure that bothers. 

If you see a mounting white horse then that signifies upcoming wealth. If riding a white horse without using sandal of the opposite gender then this can be an indication of sexual urges not being fulfilled. Riding without using a saddle with an identical gender can be a symbol of abundance.

For those in the LGBTQIA+ community, the counter to this interpretation might be true based upon the perspective and orientation of every individual.

What does a white horse mean to You?

What does a white horse mean? White Horse symbolizes several different things to religion and culture throughout history. However, what is most essential is what they symbolize to individual person?

They can symbolize beauty passion strength or other important aspects of life that can encourage greatness in every person. White Horse is a special animal so we should treat them with their respect that they deserve every day.

What does a white horse symbolize in the bible?

Primarily, we find the white horse in two places in revelation, and the verses talk about 2 different horses. But what does a white horse symbolize in the bible? we will see both of these verses below:

Revelation 6:2 “I saw, and behold a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and the given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror, and to conquest.

John looks at this horse as one of the four famous Horses of the apocalypse towards the start of Revelation.

Revelation 19:11 “I look heaven standing open and there before a white horse, whose rider is called True and faithful. With wages war and justice he judges.”

Here John sees another white horse with its rider, Jesus, who goes by the name “True and Faithful” in this passage.

Now before we jump into the differences between these two ways, we should examine the rest of the Bible to understand if we find any other cases of horses, especially white horses that are being mentioned.

However, we don’t notice any other things mentioned about horses in the Bible, we should note that most occurrences of horses listed show them in battle. We will include some of those verses below.

1 Kings 4:26 “Solomon had 4000 stalls for chariot horses and 12000 horses.”

2 Samuel 8:4 “David captured 1000 of his chariots, 7000 charioteers and 20000-foot soldiers. He hurt all but a hundred of the chariot horses.”

Final words

What does a white horse symbolize? The White Horse spirit is a kind of energy that everyone requires at some or the other point in their life. It is the vigor that helps us to grow and reaches a better version of ourselves.

So, ensure that regardless of what animal spirit lies within, you also called a white horse to supervise you.


What does it mean when a horse bites you in a dream?

If you dream that White Horse bites you then it might indicate that you are distressing over a decision and are being prompted to action. 

The bite may symbolize a strict warning to run over or to move. The decision depends on our unconsciousness and without efforts, you don’t move ahead.

What does it mean when you dream of a horse giving birth?

If you see a horse giving birth then it indicates several meaning depending upon the event and the circumstances surrounding the birth. The birthplace, the horse color, and the animal and people present all play important roles.

Healthy birth to the horse baby typically symbolizes a new beginning or message that you should move forward in life. If you dream about a pregnant horse then this could be an indication of a problem within your social group.

What does a brown horse in dreams symbolize?

As we know the horse is a symbol of power endurance and freedom but what does a brown horse symbolize? Does this change when the horse is brown? No., it does not change rather it enhances it; the brown horse symbolizes hard work success, and humility.

If you dream of a healthy brown horse eating from your hand then this represents that the bond you make with your family and friends. The bond between them gets strong. Dreaming about riding the brown horse symbolizes the change.

What does it mean to dream of a grey horse?

Grey horses symbolize clarity, patience, and wisdom. If you’re dreaming about the grey horse that is typically a sign of caution. It is a alert that you should take next step carefully. If you planning to take any big decision then you should be more contemplative and patient.

What does a red horse mean in a dream?

Dreaming of a red horse symbolizes a state of anger, hate or, love. It also symbolizes the accompanying and unknown anxiety of life warning decision you have to take.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a horse in the water?

Refuse to see your dream of a horse struggling in the deep water then typically it is a symbol that you will face a situation that will examine your strength to survive. The big test is approaching and you have to succeed and develop from the ordeal.

What does a flying horse symbolize?

A white horse with wings meaning? The flying horse symbolizes free spirit and liberty, that bind and sailing to new Heights. But because a horse with wings is mythical, it builds a connection between ritual reality and physical reality.

With the feet on the earth, the horse with wings describes our reality and understanding of the task at hand. But when the wing flying and open then it symbolizes the spiritual state.

What do wild horses symbolize?

What does the wild horse symbolize? If you see a wild horse then it symbolizes limitless opportunity, Romance, freedom, and unbroken spirits. Ford company name the most famous sports car after legendry wild horses that roam the American fails to be an ideal sign of American freedom.

Moreover, the great fighter plane, the P-51 Mustang, which help in winning World War II and establish the United States as a superpower capturing the spirit of fierceness and romance of American icons.

The wild horse also symbolizes the future and motivates us to succeed or to move forward and be the better version of ourselves.

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